What is Crime Stoppers?

Crime Stoppers is an organization that provides a means by which the general public, young or old, can get useful information regarding criminal activity into the hands of law enforcement personnel.

This system works for several reasons. First of all, when citizens like you call the Crime Stoppers Hotline (269-STOP or 372-STOP), you can remain anonymous. Secondly, the information you have could be critical in solving the case. You could be the only one that got the make, color, or the license number of a vehicle involved. The information could b e the house number that people entered suspiciously. Perhaps you overheard a conversation in a restaurant or other place of business that exposes names or details of a crime that has or is about to take place. In addition, cash, yes cash, rewards of up to $1,000.00 are paid for information that leads to the arrest and charges filed against criminals involved.

Hotline Numbers

269-STOP (7867)

372-STOP (7867)

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